What is Shortshare?#

Shortshare is a simple and fast URL shortener app for macOS, iOS & Windows. On macOS, it is available in every browser’s Share menu, as Safari App Extension and browser extension for Firefox and Chrome. It supports many different URL shortener services and their features. It also offers a history of shortened URLs for quick access.

How to enable Shortshare in the Share Menu on macOS?#

Open your System Preferences, navigate to Extensions and Share Menu. Find Shorten URL with the Shortshare icon in the list and make sure it is enabled. It will then be shown in the Share menu of your browser e.g.

How to enable the Safari App Extension on macOS?#

Open Safari, navigate to the Safari preferences and Extensions tab. Make sure Shortshare Safari Extension is shown in the extension list and enabled. You will find the Shortshare icon in your Safari navigation bar. Click the icon to shorten the currently active tab’s URL.

How do I get app updates?#

Shortshare is available in the App Store and Microsoft Store. Make sure automatic app updates are enabled in the store preferences to not miss important app updates.

I am missing a URL shortener service, can you add it?#

The answer ist most probably yes, if the service provides an API. Please reach out with details on the service you would like to see added to the app.