Using Linko

Linko is a paid professional URL shortener service. It needs to be configured before it can be used with Shortshare.


You need an API key in order to use your Linko account with Shortshare. It can be obtained in the API Reference under Your API Key. After obtaining the API key, copy it to the Shortshare settings.

Branded Domain

Linko supports branded domains for your shortened URLs. Before a branded domain can be used, it must be registered in the Account Settings under Branded Domains. You need to set up a DNS record with your domain registrar to enable this feature. Once the domain is set up, enter it in the Shortshare settings (like a top level domain, e.g.

Custom Alias

Linko supports custom parameters for your shortened URLs, e.g. forwarding to a URL of your choice. In order to enter a custom parameter before shortening an URL with Shortshare, enable Custom Alias in the settings.