Using Custom…

Shortshare supports custom URL shortener services via API access.


To use a custom URL shortener service, a number of parameters need to be configured.

Parameter Name: Endpoint (Required)
Description: The URL to the shortener API. It can contain additional query parameters if neccessary.

Parameter Name: URL Parameter (Required)
Description: The parameter which contains the long URL that should be shortened. Can be a GET, POST or Header parameter.
Example: POST, long_url

Parameter Name: Authentication Parameter (Optional)
Description: Some APIs require an authentication, e.g. by API key. Configure the authentication parameter type (POST, GET or Header), name and value here.
Example: Header, X-API-KEY, 3C4193FF-7543-4403-9394-0AD970C7C5A3

Parameter Name: Response Format (Required)
Description: The parameter which defines the API response format with the shortened URL. If choosing JSON, enter the JSON field name with the shortened URL. For plaintext, just the shortened URL is expected as text response.
Example: JSON, short_url


If your custom URL shortener does not work with Shortshare or you required additional configuration options, please reach out and I’ll happily see what I can do to update the app.